Enshrine a Hero

This Memorial honors all veterans, however, for each of us there are certain special faces and memories which come into our hearts and minds when we hear the word "veteran". It is these veterans, the ones you remember above others, whom you can honor by placing their names on the memorial.

One of the prominent features of the memorial is the pair of towering black granite monuments at the center. On the face of these plaques will be engraved names of veterans who honorably served our country. Centered between these monuments will rise a granite spire, at its top, the glow of an eternal flame in honor of all veterans. 

People like you as well as other families, friends, and patriots will participate in honoring their veteran in this special way. You can view the names which are already on our Virtual Wall

If you are ready to honor your veteran, complete the online Application and click the "submit" button. If you prefer, you can print the application and mail it to Wilderness Veterans Memorial Flame Foundation, PO Box 83, Presque Isle, WI 54557. Please mention this opportunity and website to your friends and family. If at any time you would like to discuss the Memorial, or other ways you can participate, click Contact for options to reach us.  To make a donation of any amount, please click Donate.