The Memorial

The Mission of The Wilderness Veterans Flame Foundation (WVMFF)
The Wilderness Veterans Memorial Flame Foundation embraces the essence of PATRIOTISM by garnering volunteer and financial support to erect and perpetually maintain a unique and notable veterans memorial and to provide a place for participation and education in veterans service related activities. Located in Wisconsin's peaceful Northwoods, it will be a fitting place to honor the men and women who have selflessly dedicated themselves for the freedom of all citizens of the United States of America.

Design Objective
The design objective is to combine recognition of uniformed service of ALL veterans along with defining the significant extent of their service during the history of our Nation. In most cases a veteran wore but one uniform of a particular branch of the U.S. military.  Most veterans have a deep sense of loyalty for "their" branch.  The Memorial's objective is also to honor the individual branches. There have been millions of veterans throughout our Country's history, and is often the case, only a few faces are remembered by each of us. Therefore an additional design objective is to put  a personal face on the Memorial. 
The Wilderness Veterans Memorial has three purposes:
  • Recognition of all six branches of military service
  • Summarization of all historical conflicts in which our country has participated
  • Enshrinement of individual service men and women 

Design Features
The site selected for the memorial is located in a peaceful, pristine northwoods setting. The peninsula on which the memorial will be located juts out into a small lake, which is surrounded by a forested community park.
Several granite monuments summarizing the individual conflicts over the last 250 years of United States history will be located along the walkway. Visitors approaching the center of the memorial will walk past the most recent conflicts first, coming finally to the Revolutionary War monument.
When entering the center of the Memorial, visitors will walk into an inner space surrounded by a landscaped berm. At the center top of the berm will be the U.S. flag. In an arc surrounding the U.S. flag will be the six branch service flags of the military as well as the POW/MIA flag and the Wisconsin flag. A visitor on a clear night will see the North Star glittering above the American flag. 
At the foot of the U.S.  flag will stand a granite spire with an eternal flame  glowing at its top.  The flame is the Memorial's  symbol to remind visitors to always HONOR and REMEMBER our veterans.  On either side of the spire will be granite plaques bearing the names of veterans who have been identified by donors for  recognition.  At the foot of the spire will be a bench to provide a place of rest and contemplation.  Also at the foot of each of the branch service flags will be benches, each engraved with the emblem of the associated service.
Several monuments are still awaiting donor funding, providing an opportunity to honor or memorialize a veteran. Information regarding the donor or honoree may be noted on the underwriters monument. The underwriters monument will be erected prominently at the edge of the Memorial site. For more information regarding availability and other considerations, please contact the Wilderness Veterans Memorial Flame Foundation. To make a donation now, please select Donate.

The Memorial will be located in the northern Wisconsin community of Presque Isle. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Memorial which will be located as depicted below.