Current Memorial Underwriting Options
We encourage you to consider becoming an underwriter of this remarkable project. With your support, it will be successfully completed and perpetually maintained.
 Unrestricted Cash Donations 
 Bronze   $1,000-$1,999 
 Gold            $5,000-$9,999
 Silver      $2,000-$4,999
 Platinum   $10,000 or more

Conflict Monuments (12)
 8 Available
Suggested donation per monument: $3,500
War of 1812:
Indian Wars:
Mexican-American War:
Civil War:
Spanish-American War:
Korean War:
Desert Shield/Desert Storm:
Global War on Terror:
The Monuments of Remembrance and Honor (2)  1 Available
The granite east monument is engraved with the names of individuals who served in the U.S. Military with honor.
Suggested donation: $18,000.