Louis E. Brown

Memorial Location


  • Sergeant
  • Served:  March 14, 1944 – December 5, 1945
  • World War II
  • Aircraft Armorer Gunner – 840 Bomb Squadron, 483rd Bomb Group – Italy

Deceased August 18, 1994. Interred at Green Lake Center Cemetery, Markesan, Wisconsin.

Louis was born January 31, 1924 and raised in Parsons, KS by his single parent Mother. He eloped with his 16-year-old girlfriend, Dorothey Sperry, on December 31, 1943. They remained married and partners in his various ventures their entire lives. He joined the Army Air Force in March 1944, and while in the service, he wrote daily letters to both of these special women in his life. Louis was Honorably Discharged December 5, 1945 after serving as an Armorer Gunner, 840th Bomb Squadron, 483rd Bomb Group in Italy.
His Mother remarried in 1940 and had two more children, Carolyn and Corbitte Henry, who were very close to Louis & Dorothey and their children. When Louis returned from service, he and Dorothey farmed (renting on shares) in the Parsons, KS area. In 1950, while helping his stepfather, Claude Henry, with a stuck tractor, the tractor overturned on his stepfather, instantly killing him. Louis (Everette as his Mother and family always called him) assumed responsibility for assisting his again single parent Mother, brother and sister. He and Dorothey also had a son and daughter by this time.

1953 brought drought and hard times for farmers in KS. Louis decided he had to move on…selling his few possessions. He got in his car and drove and drove until he found work whereby he could support his wife and family. He landed in Verona, WI at the Carnes Company. He returned to KS and moved his family to that little village. Their second daughter was born while living in Verona. A couple years later, he moved his Mother, brother and sister to Verona so they could be close and also earn a living.

Farming was still in Louis’ blood. He and Dorothey bought a 120-acre rundown farm on land contract near Oregon, WI in 1956 and started to fix it up and build the farm while continuing to work full time at Carnes. After several years, confident that devoting all his waking hours to the farm would support his family, he left Carnes. He was a determined, self-taught man and they built a successful Holstein dairy farm. In the 60’s, he and his son Don participated in local tractor pulling events, and by the early 70’s, Louis & Dorothey were finally able to take some vacations, enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and just having fun. In 1974, the farm was sold and they moved to Little Green Lake in Markesan, WI. Louis now worked as a large equipment operator at several WI locations building such things as power plants.

Upon full retirement, Louis was able to enjoy one of his hobbies – raising draft horses, and he got involved in horse pulling with some of them. Wherever Louis and Dorothey went, they made and enjoyed many friends. For years, family events were hosted at their home until the honors were passed to Myrna.

He supported his family through his passion for farming, animals and hard work, and his family embraced his passions, as well. Louis was rough and tough at times, but a true teddy bear. He was extremely proud of his wife and each of his kids. Louis died August 18, 1994 in his Markesan home from lung cancer at the age of 70. Dorothey died in the same home from esophageal cancer March 13, 2000. They rest side by side in Green Lake Center Cemetery, Markesan, WI.
Louis & Dorothey Brown Children:
Donald E. Brown dob 10-11-45
Myrna S. Schmuhl dob 8-20-47
Sandra M. Little dob 11-7-54