Bruce P. Budruweit

Memorial Location


  • PFC – E3
  • May, 1962 – May, 1964
  • Vietnam
  • Good Conduct Medal

Bruce P. Budruweit’s recollections of Pine Hill Resort. Presque Isle, WI.
I was in the US Army active duty from May of 1962 to May 1964.
When I was a young boy my parents and an uncle purchased land
On the Big Oxbow lake in Winegar (Presque Isle) Wisconsin about 1946.
My uncle (Ralph Breede) and family moved up there to oversee the
construction of the Pine Hill Resort. My family continued to live in
Chicago contributing some funds to help support the Breede
family while the resort was built. Eventually there were 3 cabins
and a lodge.
My family spent summer vacations at the resort helping to build the
cottages and help with resort duties. My brother Gustave (Buddy)
Budruweit was in high school and he and his buddy
helped to build the No 2 log cottage. They received the
split raw logs and stripped them of the bark and proceeded to build
the cottage with some experienced local men. They also sealed them
with creosote. I was too young, so I was able to fish and hike
through the woods with my dog.
My grandfather eventually bought my family and the Breede family
out and operated the resort. They added a 4th cottage to the
property. The property was eventually sold by the family in 1964.
In my visit to the resort which is still in operation (2021) I toured
the resort and although there have been a few upgrades they are
the same as I remembered them. Time has been kind and evidently
the subsequent owners took very good care of the resort property.
It is still in operation on a more limited basis but is still a great
fishing resort for the real fishermen.

Bruce is the brother of Gustave Budruweit and closely associated with Ralph W. Breede and Thomas Ralph Breede.