Gerry Ghiloni

Memorial Location


  • Corporal
  • Served:  October 1965-August 1968
  • Vietnam War

Deceased March 2, 2019.

Mr. Ghiloni served aboard the USS Constellation for most of his enlistment. He was honorably discharged and settled in the Winchester, Wisconsin area, where he was active in the community as well as the Winegar American Legion Post 480. He was also a founding member of the Wilderness Veterans Memorial Flame Foundation, Inc. which was responsible for the development and erection in 2017, of the Veterans Memorial located in Presque Isle, Wisconsin.

His wife Connie is President of the American Legion Post 480 Auxiliary. Ga. See Gerry Ghiloni Tributes to Americans

Father: Romeo Ghiloni.

Uncles: Roy Ghiloni, Paul Ghiloni, Jack Ghiloni, Bobbie Ghiloni.