David Hora MD

Memorial Location


  • Captain
  • 1967-1969
  • Vietnam War

Dr. David Hora served at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. He provided medical care to the servicemen and service women on the base.

When Dave was discharged, he became an orthopedic surgeon. He was well respected and served the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He was instrumental in requiring paramedics at all local football games. In addition, he helped ensure trainers were hired for the high schools and won the Illinois Athletic High School Doctors Award.

Dr. Hora was a resident of Presque Isle for over 27 years. He owned a home on Lynx Lake. For most years he would spend six months in the Northwoods and the other months in Illinois and Florida. Dave welcomed family and friends to his home; taught them fishing techniques but more important shared the outdoors and serene nature of the Northwoods.
His favorite pastime was being around water, with a passion for boating and fishing.

Deceased 2020.