James C. (Jim) Doriot

Memorial Location


  • Sergeant
  • September 15, 1966 -September 14, 1970
  • Viet Nam War, 23 Field Maintenance Squad (TAC)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Honorable Discharge
    James Calvin Doriot (Jim) was born in Ironwood, MI on February 18, 1947. His parents were Calvin L. Doriot and Esther Doriot Schwann. Growing up mostly in Presque Isle and then ultimately spending his teen years in Milwaukee, Jim is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran High School. He is the fourth of four siblings (Ruth Bader and Bob, Nancy and Chris Doriot). Along with his brother Bob he is proud to have served his country and represent their home state of Wisconsin.

    Jim joined the United States Air Force in 1966 and completed Aircraft Mechanic technical school in 1967. During the Vietnam War he was stationed in Okinawa at Kadena AF Base for 18 months. After his time in Okinawa he was stationed in Wichita, KS at McConnell AF Base. During these years he proudly worked to maintain the aircraft in his squadron and transit aircraft through these bases. His dedication to safety was a point of pride especially when it came to keeping the pilots flying in the combat theatre. His love of airplanes did not end with his service years-his son is a pilot and owes his love of airplanes to his proud Air Force dad.

    Jim’s service years also gave him his bride, Janelle Doriot. Married now for over 50 years, they met through her cousin Andy Skinner who was serving with Jim in Okinawa. Married in Memphis, TN on May 3, 1969 the young couple moved to Wichita to finish out the last year of service to the Air Force. Ultimately they would make their home back in Memphis, TN where Jim made a career in Medical sales and retired as a Building Maintenance Director at Lausanne School. Jim and Janelle raised their two children, James Jr and Alisa, in Memphis. They are now the proud grandparents to three grandkids, Lily and Ella Doriot and Benjamin Williams. Jim and Janelle are enjoying their retirement in Oakland, TN just outside Memphis. On any given day you’ll find Jim in his garage crafting something wonderful out of wood.

    Son of Bobbie Calvin Doriot and brother of Robert H. Doriot.