Donald G. (Don) Jenkinson

Memorial Location


  • Lieutenant
  • Served: July 1951 – October 1953
  • Korean War
  • 2 Bronze Stars and Combat Infantryman’s Badge

Don Graduated from UW Madison in June of 1951, Two weeks later, he received a notice from his “Uncle Sam” to report to Camp Chaffee, Arkansas for basic training. Two months into his basic training he was given the opportunity to apply for the Infantry Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, Georgia. He was married to Patricia Claffey that same year.

Don’s application was accepted and he reported in October 1951. After 8 months of a hell-like training program he was one of 63 men who won their commission from an original class of 125, in July 1952.

After a short tour as an instructor at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, Lt Jenkinson received his order to transfer to the 3rd Infantry Division in Korea. Don joined his new unit in January 1953. He was assigned to Fox Company 2nd Battalion 15th Infantry Regiment as a rifle platoon leader. The primary combat order for his unit was the protection of a section of the main line of resistance (MLR) in the Chorwon Valley. It also included Outpost Harry, a very important defensive position thought of as the gateway to Seoul. Combat situations were regular and casualties were heavy.

During one 10-day period in June, Outpost Harry was attacked 8 times and casualties were: 143 killed, 500 wounded and 43 MIA.
Combat ended July 27, 1953, with the signing of an armistice. Technically a peace agreement was never signed and a state of war still exists with North Korea. For his services Don was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge and 2 Bronze Stars. Don returned home in October and was discharged in November 1953.

He purchased a cottage on Armour Lake in 1982, and today he and his family still enjoy spending their summers in the area known as “Wisconsin’s Last Wilderness”. Don and Patricia have two children, Tim and Kathy, and two grandchildren.