Joseph J. (Joe) Szot

Memorial Location


  • Lance Corporal, F-3. Military Specialty, Bulk Fuel
  • May 5, 1966- August 16,1967
  • Vietnam War
  • National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Good Conduct
    Medal, Sharpshooter Medal, Honorable Discharge

In 1966 Joe was drafted to serve in Vietnam. The Army was giving a short time before needing to report. This would mean Joe would miss a ticketed Black Hawk game. So doing what any diehard Chicago sports fan would do to get more pre-reporting time to attend the game he enlisted on his draft into the Marine Corps! In May he went off to Camp Pendleton where he received Boot and advanced training before heading to Vietnam. He wasn’t there long before a serious injury caused him to be sent stateside.
In 1972 Joe and his wife of 50 years, Lynn, moved from Illinois to Winchester, WI,  where they raised two children (Jay, Kristi)and worked locally while enjoying his Northwoods haven.
Born February 15, 1946, Deceased May 9, 2020. Interred at  Winchester, WI. Click on Joe Szot