Roger E. Knox

Memorial Location


  • Seaman
  • Served: 1944–
  • World War II
  • Awarded: Pacific War Zone Bar

Born September 13, 1925. Deceased October 21, 1997. Interred in Newark, Delaware

See Brothers John and Adrian.

Roger Emmet Knox was born on in Burr Oak Township, Iowa to Anna Mullaney and Richard Emmet Knox. He enlisted in the USMS at age 18 in 1944 and served in the US Merchant Marines as a seaman and was awarded the Pacific War Zone Bar for active service with notable stops in Okinawa. He served on the S.S. Julesburg, a T2 SE A1, an American flag tanker that could carry 6 million gallons of gasoline as part of Pacific convoys leaving the Port of Los Angeles. Following his military service, Mr. Knox graduated from Tulane University as a chemical engineer and worked for DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware. His chemistry research involved experimentation in the field of insulation and foam products, accumulating many patents for the company. In his later years he traveled and lectured internationally, representing DuPont. Roger married Patricia Martin of New Orleans, LA, in 1953 and lived in Delaware where they raised 5 children.