Robert G. (Bob) Lawrence

Memorial Location

COLUMN: 10    ROW: 35

  • Colonel
  • Served: 1964 – 1986
  • Vietnam
  • Pilot
  • Awarded: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal

Deceased January 8, 2003. Interred Presque Isle, Wisconsin.

Robert Grant Lawrence was a native of Marshfield, Wis and attended Waukesha South High School. He excelled in both academics and athletics and was the first Waukesha High School graduate to be selected for the Air Force Academy in 1960. He rose to the top of his class in pilot training which set the foundation for a 22-year career as a fighter pilot (Vietnam), statesman, staff officer and student.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and multiple Air Medals in Vietnam combat. He was then hand selected for attaché duty in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen. This was followed by military and political affairs work as an official in the State Department. During this time he also earned a Master’s Degree in Middle East Studies, became fluent in Arabic and published a book on Vietnam called “US Policy in Southwest Asia: A Failure in Perspective”.

He retired from the USAF in 1986 as a Colonel. Bob’s next career was with General Dynamics Corporation, which later became Lockheed Martin Corporation. He became President, Middle East and Africa, stationed in both the States and Egypt.