Our greetings to you as we wish you a happy Thanksgiving Holiday. During this year of change and uncertainty we can assure you that nothing has changed at the Memorial except for good things. It is a great outdoor space to visit safely, enjoy its serenity, the fresh air, and the wildlife. The Post 480 building is closed for the winter, but you can enjoy a hike around the ponds. When it warms up bring your kids to enjoy fishing off the Post’s fishing pier.

What is happening at WVMFF IN 2020?
Thirty-five enshrinements were added to the Granite Honor Wall. Almost 500 veterans are now honored for their service on the Wall. You can go to www.wildernessvetsmemorial.org to read their stories. Veterans from the Revolutionary War through our current conflicts reflect our nation’s dedication to service for others.
Thank you to Chet Dumask and Tom and Patti Claas for their very generous support this year. Their names have been added to the Donor Monument.
Major landscape upgrades this summer included additional boulders along the front border. New plantings and wood chips were added as well. We thank JJs Acres for donating their time and labor on a hot summer day for the improvements. Weeding and other grass improvements were also done. The No Mow grass is maturing and filling in. We are surrounded by water, but at this point we are unable to irrigate, so we depend on Mother Nature to keep the site nurtured.
As part of our maintenance program all the flags were replaced. Wind and sun cause wear and tear, so replacement is required at least every two years.

The WVMFF Endowment
The fund continues to grow quietly. Anyone wishing to contribute, in any amount is greatly appreciated. Consider memorializing a deceased friend or family member by designating WVMFF in their honor. They do not need to be a veteran. When we reach our $200,000 goal, we feel that the proceeds will cover much of the annual budget needs.

After three years in operation we can comfortably share that our operational costs have settled at about $8,000.00 per year. By far the largest expense is fuel for the Eternal Flame. The budget allows for landscape maintenance, insurance, flag replacement, mechanical/electronic maintenance, and energy expenses. Although it was cancelled this year, we depend on our annual Veterans Day Dinner to cover approximately 50% of our yearly expenses. Supporters have been very generous in 2020 so we have not used any funds from the Endowment. We hope this trend continues. Thank You for your continued support.

Pass it on to your friends and family
• Enshrine a veteran friend or family member. To Apply: go to
• Or stop at the Memorial Kiosk for an application form.
• $300.00 per name
• Cash Donation of any amount gratefully accepted
• For more options, including information about purchasing a remaining conflict monument or the East Honor Wall, call 715-686-2517 or go to:

Bronze Level: $1,000 – 1,999
Silver Level: $2,000 – 4,999
Gold Level: $5,000 -- 9,999
Platinum Level: $10,000 –
• Mail to: WVMFF, PO Box 83, Presque Isle, WI 54557

We give THANKS for your Support
Without you nothing is possible. Be sure to visit Post 480 (summer hours only) and spend some quiet time at the Memorial. Open every day 24/7/365.