Stanley J. (Jimmy) Orcutt

Memorial Location


  • Airman First Class
  • Served: 1950 – 1954
  • Korean War
  • Senior Radio/Radar Repairman
  • Awarded:  Korean Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal

Jim graduated from high school in 1948. A couple years later, when he was 20 years old, Jim’s neighbor stopped by and told him he should enlist in the military otherwise he would be drafted and be sent to Korea. He listened and joined the Air Force in early 1950. He tested into school for electronics and studied for nine months; he graduated as a Senior Radio Radar Repairman. After school, Jim was shipped out to Washington D.C., anticipating work stateside. Instead, as soon as he landed in D.C., he was told not to un-pack as he was going to Korea! He flew to San Diego in November 1950 and boarded a ship with about 2,000 other young men. Jim turned 21 years old on that ship and luckily for him, he pulled K.P. on his birthday. Being the resourceful young lad he was, he found a friend who was willing to trade for a couple bucks. Jim spent 10 days on that ship, then landed in Fukuoka, Japan. About a week later, he was flown to Suwon, Korea, as a Radio Radar Repairman, stationed with the 51st Fighter Interceptor Group. He was there for nine months then went to the 18th Fighter Bomber Wing, stationed with the Flying Tigers for his last three months abroad. During his service in Korea, Jim contracted a violent sickness that landed him in Japan for a week. Our US doctors were not familiar with what they saw. Luckily, Jim landed on his feet, albeit quite a few pounds lighter when he returned to base. After his year of service in Korea, Jim returned to the US and was stationed in Arizona at Williams Air Force Base. This was air training command where they trained fighter pilots. After Jim’s four years in the service, he attended the University of Minnesota on the G.I. Bill. Jim graduated with a degree in marketing in three and half years. He went to work for Standard Register in 1958 and worked for them for 28 years. Jim retired in 1986 and moved to Ely, MN in 1991. He has lived in the northwoods for over 23 years.