Robert H. (Bob) Doriot

Memorial Location


  • Corporal
  • 11/9/1963 -10/6/1967
  • Vietnam
  • Good Conduct Award (2), National Defense Service Medal
  • Field Music Bugler

Robert Doriot was born on September 3rd, 1944. A true Wisconsin native, Bob or Bobby, as some would call him was born and raised in Presque Isle, Wisconsin. Second born to a family with 4 siblings (Ruth Bader, James Doriot, Nancy Lopez, and Christopher Doriot) you can tell by the way he drives that he was born into a racing car family. Both his father, Calvin Doriot, and his mother, Esther Rutherford (nee) were avid stock car race drivers and Bob would watch his parents race.

During high school, Bob was active in gymnastics and playing percussion instruments for the band. These learned skills came to be very useful when he decided to join the Marine Corp upon graduation.

Once he was enlisted to the Marine Corp on November 9th, 1963, he trained in boot camp at the Marine Corp Recruit depot in San Diego, CA. After boot camp he was extensively trained for M60 machine gun weapons but was given orders to play in the Marine Corp band in percussion. The Marine Corp also had him learn to play the bugle and he played when needed for the Marines.

Up until he was honorably discharged on October 6th, 1967 with the rank of Corporal, he was stationed in Iceland where he worked in communications. When given the opportunity to leave base, he would go to Scotland to visit. It was there, in Glasgow Scotland, that he met the love of his life. While still serving the Marine Corp he came home to Wisconsin and brought his very young bride, Joan M Allison, to his home and married her. Going on for more than 50 years of marriage they grew their family with two sons (Ian Doriot and Timothy Doriot) and a daughter (Chantelle Brody) and now have four granddaughters (Allison, Amanda, Alissa, and Emily) and two grandsons (Kienan Brown and Austin Brown0).

Son of Bobbie (Calvin) Doriot and brother of James C. Doriot.