Shadrick Martin

Memorial Location


Continental Service of South Carolina

  • March 23, 1776 – 1781 Approximately
  • Revolutionary War
  • First in Captain Baper’s Company and again in 8th Company 1st South Carolina Regiment

Born: 1730
Deceased: November 8, 1803

The following information can be found in Martin Martin – The Family Lines by James D. Martin, 2002.

“Shadrack served in the Revolutionary War; listing on 23 March 1776 in Captain Baper’s Company and listing again on 1 February 1780 in 8th Company, 1st SC Regiment. About the 1st of March 1781 Shadrack had apparently completed his enlistment and was back home in Laurens County, for his horse was taken by force by one Samuel Farrow for use in fighting the Tories near the Enoree River. Shadrack filed suit for recovery of the horse’s value in Laurens County Court, in which the case was tried on 29 April 1793 with the Court ruling in favor of Shadrack for 15 pounds and court cost. Martin Martin, his son, gave testimony in this suit.”
Martin Martin is documented as a witness for his father Shadrick in court documents from the trial held February 20, 1792 . Mr. Farrow, the defendant, stated that Shadrack “had lent him the horse”. Martin replied that it was odd that his father would “lend” the horse to a stranger when Shadrack would never let Martin, his own son, borrow it.

Sources show two different spellings of Shadrick (Shadrack) Martin’s name, probably because of phonetic spellings in common use at that time.
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