William Sylvester (Willie) Trzebiatowski

Memorial Location


  • CPL CE
  • Served: 9/27/1950 – 9/29/1952–8019th Army Unit, Japan
  • Korean War

Deceased December 21, 2016. Interred in Amherst, WI.

Corporal Trzebiatowski was a member of the first Japan Logistical Command Organization. Established August 25, 1950. It represented the first practical application, under war-time conditions, of new principles of logistical operations developed as the result of lessons learned during WW II. He mainly worked on building roads. The 8019th Army Unit was established by the Commander of the 8th Army just two months after hostilities broke out on the Korean Peninsula. This newly established army unit was responsible for providing all services necessary for the 8th Army and for much of the nineteen UN nations involved in battle, including food, materials, fuel, clothing, health care, troop training, transportation etc.

The 8019th Unit was unique because it operated in occupied Japan during recovery from its devastating World War II loss. Its economy and fledgling democracy depended on the United States for assistance in rebuilding businesses, law and order and employment. For example, fresh food, particularly vegetables were grown in hydroponic gardens in Japan and was transported to the troops in Korea within 36 hours of picking, saving the US huge transportation costs, providing fresher food for the troops and aiding Japan’s economy.

Post World War II found millions of discarded vehicles and equipment scattered throughout East Asia. The 8019th Unit was responsible for gathering and rebuilding engines and equipment for reuse, resulting in not only savings to the US, but also helped with the monumental task of rebuilding Japan.

Willie was a part of this historic achievement and a patriot. At home, he was a member of the VFW Post 11346, and a member of St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church.

See Brother Clarence Leonard Trzebiatoswski.