Viggo Julius (Vic) Nelson

Memorial Location


  • Chief Petty Officer, 87th Construction Battalion
  • Served: 1/29/1943 – 10/29/1945
  • World War II Pacific Fleet
  • Two Bronze Stars: 4/13/1944 “Treasury Bougainville Operation” and 10/5/1945 “Okinawa Gunto Operation”
  • Served as a carpenter

Vic crossed the Equator for the first time 9/5/1943, at 154 degrees (due south of Hawaii) aboard the USS Robin Wentley, heading to the South Pacific.
Born 8/4/1913 and passed away 4/29/1986, Interred in Racine, WI.

Vic  is one of the  six brothers who served in World War II.  For information click on:  Glenn, Russ, Hank  Jack  and Wally.