Walter Christian (Wally) Nelson

Memorial Location


  • Cpl. Military Policeman
  • Served: 6/10/1943 -12/10/1945
  • World War II, European Theater

While serving in the Infantry, he was taken prisoner of war on 3/18/1945 in Cavallina, Italy. He was taken to Moosberg, Germany, Stalag VIIA. He was liberated on 4/29/1945. Once back in the United States he was assigned to the 300th Military Police in Ft. Myers, Virginia until his discharge.

After serving his country Wally continued his education and became a “Rocket Scientist” with too many accomplishments to list. In later years he also served on the education committee for American Ex-Prisoners of War, where he wrote articles for their publication as well as giving speeches.

Born 3/19/1924, Wally  lived in Florida. He passed away on September 30, 2019.

Wally is one of the  six brothers who served in World War II.  For information click on:  Vic,  Glenn, Russ, Hank and  Jack.