Maylin T. Ruff

Memorial Location

COLUMN: 10    ROW: 6

  • Staff Sergeant
  •  Served: June 20, 1942 – December 13, 1945
  • World War II – Pacific Theater

Maylin Thomas Ruff served honorably with the US Marine Corps for three and one half years during World War II in the Pacific Theater. He rarely spoke of his experiences except to mention that during his rigorous training, in the tradition of the Marines, he and his platoon were “marched into the ocean”. He became a tough, strict, honest businessman, owning several grocery stores in Racine, Wisconsin. In 1964, his family voted to move to Presque Isle, Wisconsin. Maylin, his wife Kathleen and their seven children acquired the Armour Lake Resort which they ran for many years until he died in 1988.

Maylin was a member of the Winegar American Legion Post 480.

He was born April 6, 1917. Deceased January 21, 1988. Interred Presque Isle Wisconsin Cemetery.